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Commission work is something I love to do. Being able to communicate with a client and then create a piece of art that they are envisioning is so rewarding on both ends! I tell clients the best way to start the process is by giving me as much information up front so that I can quickly get in lane with them.

I will need the size of the piece, the colors you want me to incorporate, and a description of the composition you are going for. I recommend going through my portfolio and sending me any and all images of compositions you are drawn to. It is also helpful to point out anything you don't like as well.


If you aren't sure what you are wanting, I am happy to help! Since my education is in Interior Design, I can definitely lead you in the right direction. If you send me a photo of your space, or hop on a quick FaceTime call, I can give you recommendations on sizing, colors, composition, etc.

Once the painting is finished, I will send you photos for approval so that we can discuss any changes (more of this, less of this, etc) if preferred! This is your piece of art and I want to make sure that you love it.

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